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Dept. of Psychiatry, Psychotherapy & Psychosomatics

Psychiatric Hospital, University of Zurich

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Stress, Coping Behavior & General Health

More than 3,000 university students from the U.S., Latin America, Europa, and China have filled out the paper/pencil version of this «Health Survey». Subsequent data analyses revealed two socio-culturally independent personality traits “Activity” and “Defeatism” that allow us to identify that 15-18% subgroup of risk cases in the general population who suffer from an elevated risk of stress-related mental health problems. Clearly, these people can benefit from early interventions, prior to the development of clinically relevant symptoms.

Stress, Coping Behavior & General Health: Free 10-Minute Test

So take the test, it's absolutely free and anonymous. The more so, as early interventions are easy to understand and to implement. For example, find out how helpful it is to go for a 20-minute walk, to ride a bicycle, or to do sports. And best of all: getting involved is a great remedy to better cope with the ups and downs of real life.


Test Your Coping Behavior under Stress and Your General Health

You can test yourself in 5-10 minutes within the scope of our scientific study through a completely anonymous procedure: Select your language and follow the instructions.

Testez vos capacités pour gérer le stress et votre santé général

Dans le cadre de notre étude scientifique vous pouvez vous tester en 5-10 minutes complètement anonyme: Choisissez votre langue et suivez les instructions.

Testen Sie Ihr Stressverhalten und Ihre allgemeine Gesundheit

Im Rahmen unserer wissenschaftlichen Studie können Sie sich anonym in 5-10 Minuten testen. Wählen Sie dazu Ihre Sprache auf der linken Seite und folgen den Instruktionen.

Valuti il suo comportamento in situazioni di stress e la sua salute generale

Nell' ambito della nostra ricerca scientifica può valutarsi in modo anonimo in 5-10 minuti. Per questo scopo scelga la sua lingua e segua le istruzioni.

Evalúe su respuesta al estrés y su salud general

Compruebe por usted mismo en 5-10 minutas de forma completamente anónima en el marco de nuestro estudio científico: Seleccione su idioma y siga las instrucciones.


本调查是一项科学研究的一部分,您可以在5-10分钟的时间里对您自己进行测试。测试的过程是绝对匿名的。 请选择您的语言并根据指导语进行后续操作。

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