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Psychosis, Trauma and Dissociation

Emerging perspectives on severe psychopathology

Editors: Andrew Moskowitz, Ingo Schäfer and Martin J. Dorahy

This is the first book to give a comprehensive overview of the complex relationship between dissociation and psychosis, from a wide range of clinical, research, historical and theoretical perspectives. While the relevance of traumatic experiences to dissociation and the dissociative disorders is well established, schizophrenia and other severe psychotic disorders continue to be widely seen as biologically based medical illnesses. However, this position is beginning to be challenged by new findings, connecting stressful or traumatic life events, dissociative processes, and psychotic symptoms.

A cutting-edge source book, "Psychosis, Trauma and Dissociation" brings together professionals working in the psychosis/schizophrenia field with clinicians and researchers from the field of dissociation and the dissociative disorders, from North America, Europe and Australia and New Zealand, to shine a light on this rarely explored territory.

"Psychosis, Trauma and Dissociation" will be of interest to mental health clinicians and researchers working with psychotic or dissociative disorders, as well as with complex trauma-related conditions such as borderline personality disorder or complex post-traumatic stress disorder. It makes an invaluable contribution to the burgeoning literature on severe mental disorders and serious life events.

Wiley-Blackwell, 2008 (ISBN 978-0-470-51173-2)

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